The latest scoop from scanR, a service that enables camera phones and digital cameras to scan, copy and fax.

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The scanR Difference

There are a lot of scanning products out there for mobile phones today.   What's the difference between all of the 'Scanner' apps out there?  Here's what some of our customers have to say:

The blog Lawyer's Success Tips, by Dan Pinnington:

"There are other apps like ScanR (such as DocScanner and JotNot) and they cost less, but you’ll be  happier paying the price for this one.....  I’ve tested this from business cards to old magazine articles, and I have not been disappointed yet."

Nathan Rome, Director at M/C/C Marketing recalls:

"There’s nothing worse than using the hotel “business” room’s fax machine or scanner – that’s assuming it actually works. With ScanR you can avoid the nightmarish experience altogether. Simply take a picture of whatever document you need to scan or fax and ScanR will convert it to a PDF or text file for you to use."

We believe the biggest difference is the results.  scanR does much more than package a lightly enhanced photo into a PDF.    Our processing truly turns the photos of documents into PDFs that look like they come from a flatbed scanner.  

Give it a try.  Take a picture of a document and use it with scanR as well as with another product.  Tell us what you think. 

Turn your iPhone into a powerful mobile office - USA Today

USA Today wrote about scanR 4 days ago.  scanR Business Center was one of a handful of iPhone applications mentioned.    Using scanR recently for your mobile office?  Let us know how! 

Searching your scans just got a whole lot easier

We've been hard at work enhancing the PDF reading experience.  scanR PDFs are now searchable for words inside the document, in addition to being indexed for desktop search.   This change impacts PDFs produced going forward. 

scanR for Android released

Many of you have been patiently waiting for Android support - it's here now!  scanR Business Center for Android is now available in the Android Market.  Pick up your Android phone and check it out.  Android phones with an auto-focus camera will be supported.  

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Reading this post on your Android phone?  Then get it in the market now

scanR Business Center for iPhone - starting at $0.99

We heard a lot of feedback that scanR needed to have a lower entry price point so you could check it out, and now a version is available for $0.99, including five scan pages and two fax pages. 

We've integrated in-app purchase, so you can add more scan and fax pages as you need them.  For $4.99, an additional 40 pages of scans and 10 fax pages can be purchased.  

We are still selling our 'unlimited' Pro product

For our new $0.99 product - look in the iTunes App store under scanR, or go to it directly

ScanR Announces Integration with to Enable Mobile Capabilities

scanR Inc. announced that it is working with Adobe to deliver a new mobile application for select BlackBerry smart phones and the iPhone 3GS to enable any time, anywhere access to The mobile application enhances the suite of online services by letting users view and share files in their accounts by simply using their smart phones. scanR, the leading online service that enables camera phones to scan, print and fax, will provide the first mobile access point for With scanR providing a tightly-integrated mobile extension to, the combined offering gives users unparalleled functionality and convenience with a mobile business center in the palm of their hands.

The new mobile application will allow people to use their BlackBerry smart phones or iPhone 3GS to:

  • Capture physical documents, forms, notes and whiteboards digitally
  • o   Easily snap a picture of a physical document or whiteboard.
    o   Pictures are converted automatically to genuine, searchable PDF files, stored and accessible on

  • Share files
  • o   Easily share files with other people from a smart phone by sending a link to the shared file on

  • Stay organized
  • o   Access and manage files stored on from a smart phone, regardless of file size.

  • Print on-the-go
  • o   Send a document stored on from a smart phone to a nearby fax machine for printing.

  • Mobile fax

o   Fax documents to over 200 countries directly from a smart phone.

"Adobe understands the importance of delivering a compelling mobile experience, and we are excited about our work with scanR to enable mobile users to access from their smart phones," said Rick Treitman, director of product management for "In addition, we recognize the importance of transforming paper based information into digital form, and scanR represents an exciting step forward in making it easy for anyone to capture and share information through a device that is always in your pocket." mobile runs on select smart phones, including BlackBerry Curve 8900, Tour, Storm, Storm 2, Bold 9700, and Apple iPhone 3GS.

"The US smart phone market is now shipping scanR-ready devices in volume from leading handset OEM's like RIM and Apple," said Rudy Ruano, Chief Executive Officer of scanR. "Mobile extensions have become a critical component of any cloud based service, and we are proud to be a part of this complete business solution." has over 6 million users and is gaining 100,000 new users every week. scanR's award winning service has been downloaded over 2 million times in over 220 countries.

scanR Business Card Scanner for iPhone released

We've taken our server-based business card processing service and made it available through the iPhone! Check out scanR's new product, Business Card Scanner, in the iTunes store.   Run the app, take a picture of a business card, and receive a vcard (.vcf file) by email.  You can easily import the attachment into your contact list!  It's designed to work with North American business cards.  Let us know what you think! 

scanR Business Center for iPhone released

We're proud to announce the release of scanR Business Center for iPhone.  Now available on the App Store, it's designed for the 3Gs and takes advantage of the great camera in that device. 

scanR Business Center lets you scan, print, and fax from your iPhone 3Gs. Stop hunting around for that misplaced receipt or invoice; instead save them instantly as searchable Adobe PDF files you can search from your computer, browser, or right on your iPhone.

Our application includes:

  • faxing to most countries in the world
  • genuine Adobe PDF of your documents

Now you can really scan, print, and fax from your iPhone: 


New scanR features

scanR is introducing our Office Files (beta) product today.  If you have office documents (Word, Excel, or Powerpoint, WordPerfect) you would like to read on your mobile phone, scanR can make it happen.    Log into our web site, upload the document through our web site uploader, and your document will be converted into images readable using the scanR handset application. You can also email Office files to  Currently we support BlackBerry, with Symbian, Windows Mobile, and more on the way.  Give it a try and let us know what you think!


What file formats are supported?

Office Files (beta) currently supports Excel, Word, Powerpoint, pdf, WordPerfect,  rtf, and csv file formats, including Office 2007 formats.

How do I get my files into scanR?

 Upload your Office files via the Uploader in our web site (you have to log in first.)

How long does it take?

 File conversion takes a couple of seconds per page once upload is done.

What format is the converted document?

 scanR stores rendered images of the document pages, and serves them to the handset in small chunks which can be rapidly downloaded. 

scanR gets Enterprise kudos

Getjar announced its top 5 applications for mobile devices last month, in its Third Annual Mobile Awards, and scanR won for top enterprise application!  We couldn't be more proud of the growing utility we provide for mobile scanning in the workplace.   Read about it here for example.   Along with Opera Mini, Twitter, Google Maps and Strands Social, scanR is becoming a valued part of the mobile experience.